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Will motherhood change your life? So I have been seeing people ask this question for a while now and decided to answer it finally. I know what some of you are probably thinking. Of course, it would because you’re not living for yourself anymore. Well, let me give you some background of my life. Since I was a little girl, I have always loved babies.

twin babies

How could you not right? From their little feet to their smiles, their smell, they’re a bundle of love. Before I had Aaliyah, I was helping with my Nephew. Not by force, but I would enjoy having him all of the time. I treated him like he was my son. People who knew this called me auntie mama. I wanted kids on my own, but I enjoyed the idea of giving them back. My boyfriend and I would talk about having one of our own, but we both agreed that we wanted to travel first.

Also, I loved the idea of being able to get out of the car and go. You know, when you’re trying to pump your gas, and it says, please see a cashier? Just think about being able to go inside the gas station without getting a child out of the car first. Being able to take off go out of town at the last minute without a care in the world. (Yes, I am reminiscing a little.) Honestly, to answer the question; Will motherhood change your life? I would say yes but hear me out.

I know for a fact that for me having a baby has made me a better person. It has provided me with something to live for—someone who motivates me to go ten times harder so that I can give them a better life. I mean, she inspired me to create this blog, for crying out loud. Yes, you miss all of the things you used to do or probably didn’t get to do without children, but if I had to do it all over again, I would still choose life with my beautiful baby.

Now I understand that for some people, that may not ring true. They may not feel that way about children. But, we see it almost every day in the world. I look at it as if you choose life with your baby then make the most of it? Strive to be that better person, that better parent than you were the day before. Figure out ways to make the smile on your child’s face show brighter than the day before. They are all you have, and they didn’t ask to be here.

twin babies

We all have different situations, but you can make the most of any situation. Motherhood to me is one of the most rewarding things I could have ever done in my life. Knowing that I have this tiny human who depends on me makes me so happy—knowing that the things I do with her today are shaping her life for tomorrow. Let that sink in. Life is truly amazing. Motherhood will change your life but in what way is up to you.

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