My baby is sick

Honestly didn’t think I would need to make another blog post about this, but I have more to share. When I first made this post, I shared that my daughter didn’t get Covid when her father and I got it. There’s no clear indication of where my baby got Covid, but after talking to the health department, they seem to think that she could have gotten it from the arcade. After going there, she seemed fine though no tiredness, nothing out of the ordinary. Now she has Covid, and I decided to share with you all our experience with it… again.

Let’s do a quick recap; we went to the arcade that Saturday, so Tuesday rolled around, and she woke up at 6 a.m. My baby never wakes up at 6 a.m. My boyfriend said she was warm, but she wasn’t too hot. She was fine, very playful throughout the day, and wasn’t tired at all didn’t even take a nap. Then once I got off work, I looked over, and that’s when I began to see that she was tired.

Seizures from fever

I put my baby on my chest, she seemed a little warm, but I didn’t think anything of it after all; it was hot in the room. I turned the air on, put her back on my chest, and she watched SesameStreet while I watched my phone. The next thing I know, she jumped off of my chest and began to run towards the bathroom. As she ran that way, she jumped up as if something scared her. I asked her if she had to pee, but she began screaming. I repeatedly asked her what was wrong, but she didn’t answer me.

She ran towards the bathroom again and jumped up again, and started screaming. As she was running towards me and I got to look at her. It confirmed my worst fears she was having a seizure. All I could do was hold my baby try to console her as she was screaming at the top of her lungs. I called her father, who was leaving work, and told him to get here now. It was hard to contain my composure while trying to console her. I had to call my best friend, who began to comfort her and tell me to calm down.

Hospital Part 1

While waiting and seeing every sick kid, not knowing that my child is ill herself, I began taking extra precautions at the hospital. I had hand sanitizer. I made sure she kept her mask on as well as her Dad and me. Once we got in a room, they gave her two x-rays. One reason was to see if they could tell what was going on in her chest and the other was because she looked constipated. They asked us if we wanted to give her the Covid test, and I said yes just in case, but I felt like she didn’t have it.

They didn’t address the seizure issue besides telling us that they were waiting on neurology to look at her. I was a little upset about her being constipated because my baby has been constipated on and off for three years. Every time I take her to the doctor, they tell me they don’t think she should see a specialist. So after giving her an enema, they sent us about our way, saying, “The neurologist said they don’t think it was a seizure but bring her to the hospital Downtown if she has another one because two in less than 24 hours is not good for the brain.”

Crazy right the neurologist didn’t even see her? It took everything in me not to go completely off on the whole establishment. I knew for a fact it was a seizure because she had the same episode last year. The neurologist last year saw the video we recorded and stated that it was a seizure. We got her something to eat, and then we went home, ate, took our showers, and went to sleep. Not even thirty minutes later, my daughter had another seizure.

Hospital Part 2

By this time, I know all the mothers out there can sense my frustration taking my baby to the hospital downtown. Especially having to explain the situation to the nurse at the front desk, he told me it doesn’t sound like a seizure. I’m thinking, dude, we went through this before. Can we see what’s wrong with my child? Going into the room, it’s 3:30 a.m., and here come two nurses telling me so casually that my daughter has covid. She apologized because she thought we already knew then explained that she got seizures from a fever that Covid caused. My heart stopped; all that I could think about is my baby is sick. We are going through the same thing all over again but with my baby girl.

So they told her daddy that she had to leave and moms my child is a daddy’s girl, okay. She wants me around too, but if her daddy isn’t there, she’s upset. You would have thought they were taking him from her the way she was crying for him. They put us in a room but because of hospital capacity it was an emergency room instead of a hospital admittance room. The doctors checked on us numerous times to make sure she was okay. By that time, I just wanted my baby to get some rest. We cuddled together and watched the rock climbing Olympics until she fell asleep. The Neurologists came in and out explaining to me what the called “the next steps”: either by five, it’ll go away, or worst-case scenario, it will turn into epilepsy. They also stated that she could get seizures from a fever or get one just because she’s sick in the future without a fever. The doctors came in and gave us guidance on how to care for her. Then finally, they released us.

Going home from the hospital

No soon after being home, the health department calls. They asked me if we needed anything, which we needed everything because that Friday I was supposed to go grocery shopping. They also told me to try to quarantine her as best as we can. I agree with them on the phone, but I know that I am not doing that with my baby. I was going to quarantine with her. Cut to the next day I had the nerve to work. *Inserts a facepalm.*

Let me tell you about the night before, that baby had fallen asleep at 8:30 p.m. now my baby is a night owl, so that’s early. She woke up at 3 a.m. saying she was very thirsty, and after she drunk her water, she was up the rest of the night coughing. Clocking into work (remind you, I work from home), I was dead tired, and I had to keep checking up on her to make sure she didn’t get a fever. The Lord knows we didn’t need another seizure. I could barely get my work done. Talking to my lead, she told me to clock out and not worry about anything work-wise. I was so grateful for that. Once I clocked out, I called my coworker, who always has positive things to say. We prayed, and she said if you needed anything, to let her know.

It was a constant battle making sure she didn’t have a fever holding her. Also, making sure she wasn’t cold, trying to get her to blow her nose, and trying to get her to spit out when she coughs (still working on that). I also have to make sure she’s doing many deep breaths so that her lungs could get enough oxygen. My baby slept so much I don’t think I have seen my baby do that. While monitoring her breathing, I tried to sleep as well.

In the end

This experience has been a tough battle for my family. My daughter, who is used to seeing her daddy, couldn’t see him and cried almost every night to the point where I had to facetime him and have him talk to her until she went to sleep because telling her he’s just in the living wasn’t working out. We are used to going to either the store or get ice cream, and that was obviously out. It was rough between her crying and not telling me what was wrong with her, runny nose, coughs and just shivering, wanting me to hold her. On top of that her poop seemed like it was diarrhea at moments (which, after them telling me she was constipated, I wasn’t complaining.)

I want to thank my coworkers, friends, and cousin for sending a gift basket, groceries, cooked food, workbooks and much more for my baby. We won’t be taking her anywhere with a lot of people for a while, or myself for that matter. I honestly believe that we are personally going to go on lockdown within my household just as a safety measure. My job allowed me to take a caregiver leave to take care of her. She’s fine now aside from minor things, but it could have been worse, and I thank God that it didn’t. It has been a long quarantine for her, but I can happily say that my daughter has beat Covid.

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  1. Wow, so sorry this happened to you guys. Glad everything turned out ok, thanks for sharing your journey!

  2. Ughh I’ll be so glad to be able to get back to normal one day! I know this couldn’t have been easy AT ALL! But thanks to God you both are okay!!! 🙌🏽

    1. Thank you. Yes I can’t wait to go back to normal and not have to worry about all of this. We all have been through so much it’s crazy.

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