Where it all began.

Before I had my child, I would say that I was absolutely the wild card. I was going to school with the aspirations of becoming a registered nurse. I ended up getting a part time job at Walmart in 2014 where I met this guy. He was sort of cool and funny and seemed serious all of the time. I mostly hung around guys anyways (it comes from growing up hanging with my older brother), so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for us to become cool. We ended up becoming best friends giving each other relationship advice you know the whole nine yards. One thing leads to another and we ended up in a relation of our own and years later now here we are with a beautiful 5-year-old.

My Beautiful Family

My family yes we are far from perfect to the average looker but to me we are perfect in every way.

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Welcome to all the moms out there! My name is Lamoney but you can come me Money. Yes, it's pronounced exactly like what you have in your pocket. I am a mother of a beautiful 5-year-old daughter, I work in health care, and I have an awesome boyfriend. Join me as I talk with you about my journey through life and motherhood.

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